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Yo All! I know I’m the last one to post something on this blog and it’s not because I don’t like Colleen’s idea.  I think this blog is hella great!  My problem is that I’m not so sure what to post about.  I was thinking about doing my blog on dragons.  They are hella cool!  But I don’t know all that much about them and I’m not even sure that they’re real.  It would be hella great if they were, but I’m not holding much hope that I will ever meet one.  Oh I forgot to introduce myself.  I’m Alex…

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Bonjour! That means hello in French.  I really like what Aidan did in his blog so I thought I would copy his idea.  I hope he doesn’t mind.  My family can all speak French so I was taught French right from the start.  My mama’s parents are from France.  My grandmama and all her relatives have been in France forever.  She even traced her family line back to King Louis XIV.  My grandpapa is also from France, but his family came to France from Louisiana a long time ago and his family is really African American.  My papa’s parents are…

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Dia dhuit! This means hello in Irish. My grandpa is teaching me some Irish words, so he thought I should use them in my blog. My grandpa's family is from Ireland, so he's all about anything Irish. My other grandpa's family is from Italy, so those two always argue about which country is better. My mom gets mad at them, but I think it's funny. Anyway, my name is Aidan, and Colleen told me I better get something posted … so here I am! I live in Chicago, Illinois, with my mom and four older sisters. Chicago is a huge…

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Hi Everyone! My name is Mia, for those of you who don't know me yet. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I really love it here. I have some family in Japan, Guam, and the Philippines, so I've been there for visits, but most of my family is right here in Hawaii.   My mom's side of the family is mostly Native Hawaiian, and my dad's is mostly Japanese, so I'm excited that it's finally Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! I go to Kahala Elementary School, and all month, we're doing fun things to celebrate our heritage. I…

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Ally is the main character in another book in the Crystalline Kids series. She knows that Colleen's story is being written and Jack's story will be next. Kate and Ally are talking about whose story will be written next. I told them they get to decide, but I really think it will be Kate. This book will be the third book, and Kate's favorite number is 3. I could be wrong, though, so we will just have to wait and see what they decide. Ally lives with her mom and dad in Miami, Florida. She was born in Jamaica and…

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Kate is the main character in another book in the Crystalline Kids series that is still in the planning stage. Kate lives with her mom in a suburb of Washington, D.C. She met Colleen while visiting her aunt in Virginia. Colleen was down visiting her uncle, who happens to live in the same neighborhood. What are the odds? That was their first in-person meeting, but they have been best friends since kindergarten. Kate was also part of the kindergarten classroom Zoom calls that started them off on a friendship that is still going strong. Kate is excited about Colleen's blog…

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Jack is the main character in the second book in the Crystalline Kids series. He's excited for me to start his story, but he knows I must finish Colleen's story first. Jack's been sending me notes to help me so I can start working on the story outline. We just can't let Colleen know because she really won't like it. She has made it clear that her story is the most important right now. Jack and Colleen are really good friends, though, so it's all good. Jack lives with his grandparents in Colorado. He met Colleen through a classroom Zoom…

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Colleen is the main character in my first book in the Crystalline Kids series. I'm so excited that she's letting me write her story. We're about halfway through, but she still won't tell me how it ends. I keep pushing her, but I've learned that Colleen can be pretty stubborn. I'm really enjoying working with her. Each chapter of the story must be perfect before we move on to the next. She thinks I'm doing better with my writing because I am so excited to discover what comes next. She fears I will lose interest in her story if I…

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