Hi Everyone!

We’re the Crystalline Kids, and we are so happy you found us!

We finally convinced Bree to let us have our own website. Bree is the one who’s writing our books for us. She’s pretty cool, but we just wanted to have our own space, separate from hers. There was one thing that we all had to agree to, though. We could share our favorite interests here, but nothing else. Bree made us promise that we wouldn’t share anything from the books she’s writing. That’s not such a big deal, though. Because what’s most important to us is finding all the missing kids from our Crystalline Kids group. So we decided to share a little about ourselves and what we love spending our time on. Once you see that, you’ll know if you belong here with us!

We have so many stories to share with you, but because of our promise to Bree, we can’t share them here. But Bree found a really awesome place where we can share our stories with you. Someone told her about Patreon, and after she spent a lot of time checking it out, she told us that this was the perfect place for us. She has it all set up now, and we’re all pretty excited about it! If you’d like to check it out, you can head on over to Bree’s website by clicking the following link: Bree’s Shop Page.

Is your birthday coming up soon? But even if it’s not, don’t worry. We just love celebrating birthdays! Bree started a Happy Birthday list, and as soon as she told us about it, we were the first ones to sign up. We even get to help her … a lot … in deciding which birthday cards go to whom and what fun stuff to include in them. If you’d like to sign up, the following link will take you to where you can on Bree’s website, Bree’s Contact Page.

If you don’t have time to check out our blogs right now because you have decided that you just can’t wait to click links to Bree’s website, please make sure you come back and visit with us. Bree put a tree icon on her website heading called the Crystalline Kids, which is a really easy way to get yourself back to us.

Thanks so much for visiting. We do hope that you find you belong with us!

The Crystalline Kids

When are your birthdays?
We get asked this all the time, so we knew that this question would be at the top of our list. Be sure to let us know through Bree’s Contact Page if you happen to share any of our birthdays … that would be super exciting if you do! But no matter when your birthday is, don’t forget to go there and sign up!

Where do you all live?
This is a really good question. Everyone assumes that because we’re such great friends, we must live in the same city and go to the same school. But if you were to believe that, then you’d be so wrong! We don’t live close to each other at all, but thank goodness for the internet, because that’s how we stay so close!

How did you meet and become such good friends if you don’t live near each other?
We had to check with Bree to see how to answer this one, because we wanted to make sure that we weren’t telling you too much. Way back when we were in kindergarten, our teachers all met at a teacher’s conference. They decided to link up our classes through a zoom call, so we could get to know kids that lived in other parts of the country. It was so much fun for us and the teachers, that it continued through first and second grades. When we found out that it wasn’t going to continue into third grade, we all exchanged contact information … and here we are … still friends!