Dia dhuit!

This means hello in Irish. My grandpa is teaching me some Irish words, so he thought I should use them in my blog. My grandpa’s family is from Ireland, so he’s all about anything Irish. My other grandpa’s family is from Italy, so those two always argue about which country is better. My mom gets mad at them, but I think it’s funny. Anyway, my name is Aidan, and Colleen told me I better get something posted … so here I am!

I live in Chicago, Illinois, with my mom and four older sisters. Chicago is a huge city, and I love it because there’s so much to do here! We live on the south side, and my grandpa and grandma live nearby. These are my Irish grandparents. My other grandparents, the Italian ones, live on the north side of Chicago. My Irish grandpa works at the library in the Irish Heritage section, so he is helping me with my blog, which is going to be about leprechauns, gnomes, and brownies.

My grandma says that they have a brownie that lives in their house. She leaves treats out every night for her brownie. She also told me we have a brownie living in our house. My mom doesn’t believe her, so she refuses to leave out treats, but sometimes I sneak into the kitchen at night to set out a treat just in case my grandma is right. I’ve never seen ours, but my grandma says she’s seen her brownie several times.  

Well, it’s time for my piano lessons, so I must go now. I forgot to tell you I want to be a classical pianist when I grow up. But I also really love theater. I am in a play at school, but I don’t tell everybody that because sometimes I get picked on for it. Some kids can be mean, but I have to learn to ignore them. My grandma always tells me that the most important thing in life is learning to be yourself. So this is just me being me!

Slán agat … that means good-bye in Irish,


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