Yo All!

I know I’m the last one to post something on this blog and it’s not because I don’t like Colleen’s idea.  I think this blog is hella great!  My problem is that I’m not so sure what to post about.  I was thinking about doing my blog on dragons.  They are hella cool!  But I don’t know all that much about them and I’m not even sure that they’re real.  It would be hella great if they were, but I’m not holding much hope that I will ever meet one.  Oh I forgot to introduce myself.  I’m Alex and Colleen will be relieved to see that I’m finally here!

I live in San Francisco, California with my mom and twin brother, Chris.  The City is hella big and we live in the best part, Chinatown.  My grandparents went back to live in China, but my great grandmother lives with us and she is hella old!  I guess we have a lot of relatives in China, but I’ve not been there to meet any of them yet.  My grandpa told me that he is planning to have us come for a visit over Christmas, but I think my parents are still working all that out.  I love everything about my home city.  The 415 as people call it here.  Hey, maybe that is an idea for the blog.  I’ve been all over the Bay Area and I do know hella places that I could post about.  I guess it could be like a travel blog.

Los Angeles is my second favorite city.  That is where my dad lives.  Yes my parents are divorced, but that is a long story.  I thought there were hella people in San Francisco, but Los Angeles wins that contest.  Now I’m thinking I could also blog about places here in L.A.  I spend a lot of time here with my dad when I’m not in school back home.  And my dad is a cameraman and works on hella movie sets.  He’s worked on movies for Universal, Columbia, Paramount, 20th Century, Walt Disney and my favorite studio of all, Warner Bros.  I’ve been there the most and they made my favorite movie ever, The Hobbit!

My dad’s working on a movie set at Warner Bros. now and I get to go with him today.  I would love to write a screenplay someday and have it be the most popular movie ever.  I’ve been studying about how to write a screenplay.  I have a hella great idea, but I don’t know if I have what it takes to write one.

Well my dad’s calling me now so I gotta bounce,


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