Colleen is the main character in my first book in the Crystalline Kids series. I’m so excited that she’s letting me write her story. We’re about halfway through, but she still won’t tell me how it ends. I keep pushing her, but I’ve learned that Colleen can be pretty stubborn. I’m really enjoying working with her. Each chapter of the story must be perfect before we move on to the next. She thinks I’m doing better with my writing because I am so excited to discover what comes next. She fears I will lose interest in her story if I know how it ends. I really love this girl!

Her grandmother owns a psychic shop, and Colleen’s been trying to convince her to let her start an astrology blog for kids. Her grandmother finally agreed, so she’s so excited! Colleen asked if she could post her new astrology blog on this site. Of course, I told her yes because I think it will be so much fun! I hope you will enjoy what Colleen comes up with, but remember, she’s in elementary school, so she also has a lot of schoolwork. Her grandmother is concerned she won’t have enough time, but Colleen is confident she will. She’s a pretty driven little girl, so I really have no doubt.

Colleen wanted me to let you know that she hopes to have her first post up in the next few weeks. She’s also going to check with some of her friends to see if they’d like to add blogs of their own to this site. Stay tuned to see what she comes up with!

I’m so happy that you’re here! 😄

Bree 💖

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