That means hello in French.  I really like what Aidan did in his blog so I thought I would copy his idea.  I hope he doesn’t mind.  My family can all speak French so I was taught French right from the start.  My mama’s parents are from France.  My grandmama and all her relatives have been in France forever.  She even traced her family line back to King Louis XIV.  My grandpapa is also from France, but his family came to France from Louisiana a long time ago and his family is really African American.  My papa’s parents are Canadian.  My grandpa is French Canadian and my grandma is African Canadian.  I have citizenship with both France and USA because of my mama, but my papa is a Canadian citizen.  It’s all a little complicated, but it works for us.

I currently live in Seattle, Washington although I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I miss Vancouver, but papa says that we have to go where his job sends him.  My papa is a chef and he is a really good one.  So good that he is the one that gets sent to open up and establish new restaurants.  So even though I’m getting to know Seattle and really kind of like it, I know we won’t be here for very long.  My papa says a couple of years, but we will have to see how it goes.  

My mama works in marketing so she gets to do all the stuff for the new restaurant.  She has some other clients, but her biggest client is the company that’s opening up this new place.  The same company where my papa works.  That works out pretty good for them.  They are both so excited about this new restaurant that it’s hard for me not to be excited also.  But I’m a little worried about having to make new friends.  I’m not sure how well I will fit in here, but my mama says that I’m going to do great!

I’m in Paris, France visiting my grandmama and it is so wonderful here.  I’ve been really worried about my grandpapa as he is back at home with my mama.  He is sick, but mama promises me that he is going to be okay.  Grandmama tells me that he is going to be just fine and should even be back to Paris by my birthday which is coming up fast on August 16th.  She has something fun planned, but won’t tell me anything about it.  I’m so excited!

À bientôt … that means see you soon in French,


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