Hi Everyone!

My name is Mia, for those of you who don’t know me yet. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I really love it here. I have some family in Japan, Guam, and the Philippines, so I’ve been there for visits, but most of my family is right here in Hawaii.  

My mom’s side of the family is mostly Native Hawaiian, and my dad’s is mostly Japanese, so I’m excited that it’s finally Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! I go to Kahala Elementary School, and all month, we’re doing fun things to celebrate our heritage. I just finished one of the posters that is due for class on Monday. We all got to draw a topic from a bowl, so we knew what to do. My topic was perfect for me as I have family members who practice hula and karate. Gathering the information is fun, but presenting it in front of my class is going to be really scary. But once that’s done, the rest of the week is all about cuisine. I love to eat, so all the different food dishes we get to sample will be great!

Well, that’s about it for now. Colleen wanted me to introduce myself as she’s really trying to get her blog going. We had a group call last night to talk about us starting to share on this site. After many ideas, we decided to call ourselves the Crystalline Kids. So we’re not just going to share about our day but also about the things that make us unique. I can’t always do that because sometimes other kids pick on me. If you can relate to that, then you certainly belong here with us as part of the Crystalline Kids.

Bye for now,

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!


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